Friday, 20 May 2011

Have Computers Made Life Worse?

For this blog entry I wanted to give my opinion relating back to the question 'Have computers made life worse?'.

When we think about how much time we spend on computers and not learn enough it is safe to say that computers can most definitely be a waste of valuable time.Time is something that is limited and to be fair most of us waste it on our computers and everyone will agree that when you are sat at a computer time usually flies by. I think there is definitely good purposes for using a computer depending on what we are searching for. When you think of how large the Internet is half of this is probably a waste of space having no value to most of us. However I do also believe that the other half is valuable and can give us great knowledge. On a social level I think the Internet can also be both good and bad depending on how it is used.  For example the Internet can be a great place to network and speak to other artists, exchanging tips and knowledge within a specific area. However most people today, usually teenagers, are spending most of their time on social network sites, including myself. I will find myself wasting so much time skipping though pages on facebook that have no relevance to anything whatsoever. I think on a social level it is not such a good thing, instead we should be spending time with our friends and family face to face instead of talking to them on facebook. The Internet takes away from the importance of connecting with your friends and family, spending time with them. We are now relying on the Internet to do most things for us instead of using our own minds.

In my opinion although I do gain valuable knowledge from the Internet I think computers have made life worse.

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