Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fashion And Its Influence

When you think of fashion and how it has influence on society I think there are both good and bad points to look at. For example Fashion allows us to be creative and show our inner creativity on the exterior, it influences us to take risks and to not be afraid of looking different. For example if you look at famous trend setters over the years you can notice how society has developed in the sense that we take inspiration from them and their influence can be visible in the way we present ourselves.

If you look at trendsetters of our time you can clearly notice that Fashion has progressed, it is now a lot more acceptable to have a unique style. Past trendsetters include Madonna and Elvis who back then allowed the younger generations to experiment more with fashion. In society today teenagers generally look up to the likes of Lady GaGa and David Beckham for influence on fashion.

Above is an image of Madonna wearing the famous and highly publicized costume which she wore in her 'Vogue' era. Aside of this image shows also Lady GaGa and Katy Perry doing their own versions of this famous costume. However back when Madonna had done this it was considered more controversial however today it is considered less outrageous. However today celebrities are looking for a way to push the boundaries within Fashion. Today the boundaries within Fashion and the media are far wider and it is harder for an outfit to seem controversial without flashing what god gave us.

But the big question is have we gone too far with Fashion and how far can boundaries be pushed before it is considered distasteful. I believe that today the younger generation are a lot more influenced by celebrities and media. They are reading magazines that are telling us we should be thinner, have the perfect skin, the perfect hair and by doing so is painting a unrealistic image and creating an unreachable target. By doing so this leaves many teenagers feeling inadequate and in hope of achieving the same results from the magazines they may go to extreme lengths with serious consequences.

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