Friday 20 May 2011

Naa Teki Lebar

Gallery Location - Secret Den / Pure Evil Gallery

Australian born artist currently practicing in the UK, Lebar is interested in re-encountering memory, space and the self. Taking inspiration from mythology and fantasy she tries to archive a blending of opposite realities in the secret of nature and the nature of secrets, the idea of lucid dreams and its connotations and symbolism is played with.

In particular I really liked this image out of the series in the exhibition. It was less obvious as the what the message was. I like the use of nature and taking a portrait in an unusual setting. This image is not really my style but I can definitely appreciate it from an artistic point of view. The image is almost like something out of a fairy tale, yet at the same time gives an essence of something quite eerie and sinister. I would have liked to have seen more images from this photographer at the exhibition however the venue in which the images were displayed was rather small.

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