Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feminism in Photography

Artist and Photographer Cindy Sherman has clearly set her ground as one of the most successful artists of our time. She doesn't stick to what is known as safe, she takes her artwork and pushes boundaries and the fact she is a female photographer makes this an even bigger achievement. When looking into feminism it is assumed that Cindy Sherman is a modern pioneer of feminist photography. Although Sherman denies this herself there is no doubt that her images reflect many stereotypes of women in society today. What I like most about the images is they do not just fit one stereotype of a woman which is what a lot of people tend to do in photography. They will display a woman as a sexual object, sometimes just for male viewing. Sherman shows power in women, seduction, insanity, fear and captures all these emotions to create a unique portrait each time. Whether or not Sherman likes to see herself as a feminist photographer there is a clear pattern within feminism. 

Another artist who has their special place in feminism and art is Tracy Emin, an artist who I studied whilst taking fine art in college back in 2008. Her work stands for women and most importantly it proves that not just men are successful within the world of working or making a statement. Like Cindy Sherman her work is based around women but Emin in particular makes her art based on her own life events. Her work doesn't portray women in a sense that they are a success but instead speaks true to life. Emin reveals her hopes, humiliations, failures and successes within her art. I respect her for this because she isn't trying to paint a picture of something perfect. She is showing us a side of life that isn't covered in glitter, instead it is quite raw and brings up feelings of discomfort and controversy.

When thinking of females and the world of art I definitely think that women play a huge part in making art a step beyond boring. In my opinion I believe women have a tendency to put a lot of emotion into their work. They show us a side to life that is quite true and intimate. Resulting from this they create outstanding pieces of art work touching on the reality of true life itself.

My final point to this entry is that I do believe females are now more accepted within society and respected for their opinions and work. We have came a long way since the times in which women were perceived as weaker individuals and not recognised as being intellectual or artists. I believe women add a sense of emotion and reality to art which some male artists fail to achieve. 

Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film


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  1. a good start - but they all need to be a little longer and a bit more in depth. Expand your research references to include on line, you tube as well as on line references and books and exhibitions. This should help you.