Thursday, 14 April 2011

Nan Goldin

American photographer born September 12, 1953 best known for her autobiography images showing love, gender, domesticity, and sexuality. I especially like Nan Goldin's work because it shows life as true form. The images are raw and true to life showing true reality. I think for me Goldin is an inspiration because her images allow us to see the more realistic moments in life. One image that has most impact is a self portrait “One month after being battered". This image plays with our emotions showing something that is quite personal and concerning. I think when it comes to art I would prefer to see something realistic and moving than superficial. It is nice to see photography that's moved us and makes us feel sadness, happiness and many other emotions. It shouldn't just be aesthetically pleasing but it should make us sit back and think. We are in a world today were we are constantly faced with images of 'perfect' looking models who appear to have the perfect appearence and because of this we sometimes feel that we should also look that way. Goldin's work in my opinion gives us the comfort that not everything is perfect nor should it be, we can also find perfection in something that is considered imperfect.

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. Nan Goldin. 1983. Nan One Month After Being Battered

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