Monday, 4 April 2011


Lady Gaga is quickly taking over a huge part of today’s music industry and now she is not just a music artist she is now a household name and a brand. Currently one of her latest achievements is being Creative Director for the new Polaroid camera series. In life this should be seen as a huge achievement however I believe advertisement can get out of control at times. For an artist to keep a long and healthy career within the music industry there needs to be a certain amount of control on how much publicity a person receives. People do not realise that Lady Gaga is only the creation of other peoples work, she has a good team backing her up and they too have years of experience. 
 There is no doubt that she has a raw talent as she has gone from a thriving artist into an international superstar. Her efforts as a business woman are extremely successful but I think for the public to relate to you there needs to be a certain amount of realistic personality which is where she lacks. Although she has put in so much work to achieve her goals and supports many charities, I can’t help but think that a certain amount of this is contrived.

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